Back to The 50\'s Executive Antique Trumpet Horn Turntable/Phonograph with encode function

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This vintage, authentically wood-crafted turntable is equipped with an phonograph horn speaker, AM/FM radio, CD player, cassette deck and SD card player. It’s also equipped with a USB port, so you can plug it into your computer and turn your favorite vinyl hits into digital MP3s. Use the included remote to control your device.

* 3 Speed Turntable Player
* MP3/CD Player
* AM/FM Radio
* SD/USB Player with Encode Function
(A)(Encode (Ripping) the user could copy/record the Album song to SD or USB in mp3 file

(B) If there’s any mp3 file in the USB (or SD), user could copy the files from USB to SD *Or SD to USB.

The built-in speakers sound great, and you'll be enjoying the old classics and the new hits on this conversation piece in no time.

* Frequency: CM 88-108 MHz, AM 530-170 KHZ
* USB 2.0 Port: Full Speed 512MB-4GB (support FAT16, FAT32)
* SD Card Slot: 512MB-4GB
* Power Source: DC12V-1.32
* Antenna: External antenna for FM, Built-in ferrite bar for AM
* Speaker Size: 4 x 2 8ohm Dynamic type
* Horn: Plastic
*External FM antenna Jack
* Remote Control: A cell Battery is fitted- replacement Lithium Battery required: 1 x3V CR2025. Included features such as Record/Erase, Program/Repeat, Play/Pause, Backward Skip, Forward Skip, Source and Open/Close
* Antique wooden 3 speed turntable with big horn
* AM/FM analog radio with stereo
* Ceramic Stereo Cartridge
* Front loading CD player
* Side mounted cassette player
* 3-way speaker sound system
* USB and SD card player
* Direct to USB recording
* DC input jack
* 45 rpm adapter included

Weight - 32.00

Manufacturer - BACK TO THE 50\'S