Raymarine P48 Wide Fan Beam TM w/25 Cable

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The P48W transom-mount is designed for tournament-circuit freshwater-bass fishermen. The ultra-wide 38 degree beam will mark more fish, giving you that tournament winning edge. See things in wide-screen on your fishfinder like a bass attacking your spinner bait as you quickly reel it back to the boat. The highly-sensitive 200kHz ceramic-the heart of the P48-can easily show changes in bottom composition which help locate spawning beds where defensive bass might be lurking.

The P48s innovative design allows you to change the transducer beam direction on the fly based on specific fishing conditions. When the beam is in the default port-starboard position, a wide 38 degree x 12 degree beam will mark more fish and bait to the port and starboard of the boat. Turn the beam to the bow-stern position, and the 12 degree x 38 degree beam will detect changes in bottom composition as you search along rocky bottom, sandy bottom, or weed beds in search for that ten pounder. Widen the possibilities of both your fishfinder and a tournament win with the P48W.


  • Adjustable Beam
  • Depth & Temperature
  • 200 kHz Only
  • 100 W RMS
  • Mid-Performance
  • Plastic

Color - 0

Weight - 1.31

Warranty - 1 Year Direct Manufacturer Warranty

Description-condition - This item is brand new, unopened and sealed in its original factory box.

Includes - Raymarine P48 Wide Fan Beam TM w/25 Cable

Addition-info - Beam Width = NONE | Cable Length (Feet) = 25 | Fairing Block Included = NONE | Frequency = 200khz | Mounting Style = Transom | Pins = NONE | Speed Included = No | Temperature = Yes

Manufacturer - Raymarine